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  1. and what are we looking at?
  2. You sure came to hug me plenty of times
  3. Your image is in Russian
  4. Getting the equation ot of the graph was pretty easy since this exists https://mycurvefit.com
  5. This equation is an approximation! y = 0.8109266 + 0.008975612*x + 0.0000100743*x^2 - 0.000005128934*x^3 + 5.543415e-8*x^4 - 1.762821e-10*x^5
  6. as they said, everything that is not prohibited is allowed
  7. ah damn, he never added it to github to fork it
  8. Wasn't there a program, by, what his name from old WPK, that was live reading chat.log and giving you an option to translate it on the fly?
  9. OP's Coil guns have 1.5 deg spread, while My meson has 1.9 deg. at close - mid ranges you can easily ignore that difference since targets are bigger than a cone of fire, but at mid - long ranges coils are just too slow to deliver in time
  10. Projectile speed is at most important in order to hit properly flown agile targets, if your fire to hit travel time is even 0.2 seconds it is already almost too slow to reliably hit fast ships with high turn angle parameters. Your CoilGuns have 4800 m/s so even at 2k it needs almost half a second travel time, while it is acceptable to hail dps to slow and bulky targets, for anybody that have any sense of maneuvering that is not a threat at all. Yes meson's spread does drop of a damage output vs small targets at 2000+ but it still hits, while coils would not hit at all so it is "something" vs "nothing", but much higher base damage output compensate for a lost accuracy, and vs heavier and bigger targets there is a big difference in impact. Out of all the ships, I find coil guns to be really good only on a Sirius, because higher ranked guns have further reach and faster base projectile speed, with kinetic bonus Coil guns, become just as good as mesons but way more accurate. For everything else, mesons are just better
  11. yeah right, you can't even own a game in a Taikin And then people complain about how utterly unbalanced the game and MM is ...
  12. I would really recommend an Energy regeneration bonus (one of the craft bonuses) on an Invincible. While the compact shield is a good thing to increase your pool and have a spamming option for some time, it's base regeneration is just terrible, and if (and you should) use Static Shields with it, it will quickly deplete under fire without good means of replenishing them. And on rank 8 Mesons > CoilGun due to the sheer DPS+projectile speed. Coilgun is just too slow to threaten more agile ships even at close-mid ranges, while mesons with one guidance can shred them really good.
  13. That is like your problem. There is a difference in "all ships" and "ships of close ranks" Yeah, no
  14. But I don't want you to use your low-rank ships in my high-rank games and be even more useless
  15. Did she change a background with a click of a button, is that it?
  16. Amen!
  17. you don't know how to search, do you?
  18. https://wiki.star-conflict.com/index.php?title=Cache
  19. Did you learn how to google?
  20. https://forum.star-conflict.ru/index.php?/topic/57004-kak-nasa-khodit-na-bzs/&do=findComment&comment=1212138
  21. Basically you have zero data to provide, meaning that you have no ground, except personal hatred, behind your pathetic attempts of an insult.
  22. You are free to show us all where I do any of that because so far all you try to do is throw feces and ultimately failing at that, just covering yourself in your own stuff.
  23. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  24. so far you are the one "bragging" that I am in NASA, I don't do bragging. You are just aggroing at my name simply because your feelings hurt, and your hate simply kills any capability to comprehend the meaning of anything I say since all you read is who posted the message and get triggered. grow a pair.
  25. "Fair" of corporate warfare defeat the purpose of corporate warfare, this is not just random pvp queue. The only "Balancing" that should be there is the technology levels (aka tiers).
  26. Other things... -> Don't care
  27. Yes I would, because even if you lose you still get points for your corporation. And spawning 2 games where both sides fight bots instead, does not make much sense to me in Dread battles.
  28. broken

    Give it time
  29. Last time a talked to Sp1ke he mentioned arm injury, and after that, his steam went silent, dunno if it's just a coincidence.
  30. I'd feel attacked if would face the muscular men in leather in the middle of the night, in some city slums. This is the internet, this is nothing.
  31. Btw If your joke has to be explained, that is no longer a joke
  32. Actually, your excuse is the same as Trump's tweet attempt to gain face following his "covfefe".
  33. I did not accuse anybody of being wrong, I just informed them that I will be here if any of them is wrong. It is called the presumption of innocence. On the other hand, you continue to imply and accuse me of actions I did not do.
  34. In order to be wrong, one has to make a statement, and since I have not done that in regards which comment was wrong, you are the one who is wrong for stating that I am wrong.
  35. This revelation may put you in a deep state of shock, so proceed with caution:
  36. bug

    It is a miscellaneous section, they will NOT see it.
  37. bug

    Do you realize this is not a bug section of the forum?
  38. What did you expect? a 1v1? Devs never called it balanced, because the game mode was never aimed to be that. It is a Corporate warfare, where CORPORATES fight. Did you expect devs to split enemy wing in half and give you half of it or something? I get where people are coming from with mixed tiers, and I agree for the most part. But your example has nothing to do with this.
  39. Plus i dont have neither ronin nor patriarch
  40. I'd definitely not have been more effective in a ronin like that, in this match This is a front line pusher, all 4 modules are aimed at survivability plus, on top of survivability harnessed from Pulsar, you get area denial that forces light ships to fall back, clearing the beacon. Full role modules jerry guard is a support ship, it is fairly slow, even after F rework, and if it tries to push the line it just dies in a matter of seconds. Look what were happening to enemy Jericho Guard, and at my 1st death where I got caught with my pants down with all modules on cd right in front of a Tyran. Jery and Feds are fairly different and have their places.
  41. It hits Thar'Gas no problem, and Interceptors aren't really the supposed targets of Assault railguns anyways.
  42. And then if for w/e reason it is not OP, imagine the amount of whine how it is not fair since Tharga/Taikin were op. And considering that released Taikin was tenfold less OP than an initial Tharga, there easily might be a trend
  43. Classic