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  1. lol

    I wish SC had same crafting simplicity, straightforward acquisition and fine control interface
  2. lol

    lvl 18 so far
  3. Oh my god, that a bunch of xxxxxxxx!
  4. Oh look who's talking, the mister "I think I Am so great, I have to constantly remind everybody around me that one time when some n0ob called me a cheater for being less worse than him"
  5. lolz

    might be just a standard #ID 107 error
  6. lolz

    I t W o r k j u s t f i n e
  7. lolz

    Instead of going all "Did you just assume my gender" on me, you could just say it's a Man or a Woman, simple question = simple answer
  8. No, it wouldn't - been there done that - waste of devs resources. You need 100x playerbase to find enough players that would contribute in meaningful way.
  9. Or rather you are trying to stretch/fit new resolution into your old ratio, which is well posible judging by the comment of yours where you play on 51" tv
  10. Stretched and distorted means you are not changing to a resolution of the same
  11. And how is that fair?
  12. What is Fair?
  13. Because tharga with a Tharkh is like the opposite of a tool to break guard's balls with...
  14. This makes no sense, how could game look worse in higher resolution
  15. lolz

    Is it a Man or a Woman?
  16. It would, that the whole purpose of that feature. Look in settings for interface scale slider and move all the way to the left, i dont think it can fix your issue compleately since you are using such low resolution.
  17. True, but now we have implemented Guards that are all about rush in, into ~1000-1500 ranges, where you would have Curved ammo on Heavy blaster/Destructor, or mass driver without any range implants/horizons. Thing is that fighters have more weapon to do dmg at mid-long ranges than frigates or just as many, phaser, another phaser, gauss, ions/slowbeams I agree about angles and how close range fights should be rewarding, but maybe it can be achieved with limiting firing angles by weapon type, to highlight its advantages over different distances As example Bubbles - 360 degree, Gauss - 180, Assault rails - 270 degs of a sphere same for interceptors, things like RFB would have full angels, but plasma gun / scatter would be just like it is right now.
  18. @CinnamonFake What is up with sector's capture In one cycle we out-farmed STORM sector (we hava [NASA] 20k vs {STORM] 7k) but they got to keep the sector and in another cycle we got we got 30 000 [NASA] while [Ninja] only have 13k, still Ninja kept the sector From patch notes: "...Location battles take 1 hour, then the owner loses part of the challengers' influence, which depends on the challenger's place in the location ranking. If the owner's influence is reduced to 0 — the challenger with the most inflience becomes the new owner. ..." how much of a difference there should be to over take a sector?
  19. Since game still technically runs on lower resolutions, and it is not mandatory to have 720p+ to play the game, such property is not included into "Minimum Requirements", basically you can not find this info stated anywhere (i think there was a post or two 2 years ago on forums about it, but I ain’t looking for that )
  20. Game is Developed for a minimum of 1280x720 any resolution below that is no maintained, and GUI elements are not guaranteed to work correctly in all cases.
  21. Logs have your screen resolution and interface scale, logs can tell if script to output GUI elements failed and plenty of other stuff.
  22. This is not true, not true at all. There is big difference in how Ship follows the aiming reticle in Basic and Expert mode, how ship turns and changes directions is directly affecting how you dodge incoming fire. In expert mode, since ship is very responsive to any change in aiming reticle position (assuming very low PING, just how you have it), even if the aiming reticle changes around the centre of the screen, your ship effectively dodges more by simply aiming at the enemy, in basic mode it is the opposite, ship starts truly manoeuvre when you displace your aiming reticle to mid-side of the screen, making you have more prolonged "straight flying" patterns, even if you heavily compensate with strafe and rotation displacements, from enemy perspective it does not look as "wobbly" as if you would fly in Expert mode. Problem is Expert mode is next to impossible to use for people that fly with 50+ PING in 90% of their matches, and there are plenty of those that next to never see games with <100 PING, living in 150-200 PINGs, for such people Basic control and expanded firing angles is a god sent, that is what allows them to play the game. Expert mode promotes this fly style, where you fly backwards+strafe and add in rotation here and there, but there are plenty of people that want to fly similar to how Fed gunships with bubbles fly = you go full rotation, and invest nothing into strafe, where everything relies in extreme close fight with high rotation (again granted you have <100 PING for such gameplay). Limiting Firing angles of turrets killed that game-play on interceptors, because you can no longer manoeuvre (not strafing manoeuvre, but rotation) and shoot at your target, while limiting angles had zero affect on how strafing flies. So before developers go ahead and limit angles for all other ships, make sure you try how it is in our world, where we have high ping and it is a basic control mode, oh and try it on something like Interceptor/Fighter that has <140 strafe. Such change will force every body into strafing builds, meaning eliminating diversity and variety of possibilities in the game play. Even more, it will make everyone who is not flying Expert on agile ships instantly in disadvantage due to the difference in dodging i explained in the start of the post.
  23. Do you fly with <50 ping most of your games?
  24. I think Cruise type engines should reduce acceleration (regardless of Active or not Active AB) this way you either force a user to utilise 2d engine for acceleration engine (that is hardly used at all, except 2-3 fits in a whole game) which reduces rotation by eliminating one of the verniers, or if user chooses to not compensate for acceleration it will be less combat useful since it will be harder to recover from gliding back to max speed, meaning user will spend more time holding AB -> reducing his overall time gliding and rotating.
  25. - Finally a change to a Sector Conquest map interactions, I like the change in general, but matching r7-9 vs r13-15 is wrong, regardless of how many buffs you give to r7-9s. For 15s the game is no more fun as a game vs full wing of bots and in teh same time 7-9 wing went chose to fight in for a t3 sector, be it a gold or iridium for their reasons, maybe to avoid T5, or they just want that sector, but in return they get zero points, because T5 rolls them over asteroids like space sushi-roll. Last night, we had 2 wings in T5, and there were 3-4 wings in t3, we were constantly matched up against them, so teams that got matched vs T5s got zero points simply because of a design, while those that were lucky to not get matched with T5s, gained points to capture the sector. - Guard changes are cool, but CD on mass propulsion inhibitor and signature masking is to small for magnitude of a debuff they provide. - Thar'Ga nerfs make no sense, and don't address the actual issue with the ship
  26. Not true at all Every time you farm him hard on his resp, Thar'ga gets nerfed
  27. Stop spamming F and you will see it
  28. You can not expect anything from a troll, so now you are contradicting yourself.
  29. There is no option to vote "I don't care" so I will be voting on whatever I don't care about
  30. Sorry dude we are not hiring atm
  31. It is about time you add "dont care" vote all your new polls.
  32. Mass Effect Andromeda is coming in a month though
  33. Did the Long war 2 sucked you right in?
  34. selling resources will not free up the space, you have to sell equipment modules
  35. if you are travelling at above 700 you are almost guaranteed to one shot by any collision dmg in any angle, that is pretty much why cap 700 was introduced, even though it can be slightly overcomed but looks like Swifter is talking about different case.
  36. Did you expect to get it in a day?
  37. Half a year ago, or something like that, but it was only available in 1-2 countries back then. I think about a month or 2 ago, is when they started expanding markets.
  38. I was under impression that there is no Android version yet