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  1. After Tilo giving into communism
  2. Thanks to Developers there is an Influence score chart now
  3. Thankfully i am not going to be the one to sit in a stall next to yours in a washroom later...
  4. Since you like to call NASA commies, make sure to do you part in building our bright future.
  5. there is nothing "mini" about your "minigun"
  6. And you care because?
  7. I need it
  8. Passive buffs and debuffs have never worked with this implant (nor any r13 implants). Only dmg procs 13 implants.
  9. That is the spirit! Even though you are constantly pointed out to the fact that you either missing key information or/ and simply have no idea what you are talking about, since you have next to mo experience on the matter or simply clueless about the basics you still provide us with entertainment and facepalm material. Keep it up!
  10. Doesnt make your numbers any more valid
  11. I learned 2 years ago to just ignore w/e numbers you throw at the forum, and I have yet to see any signs to do otherwise
  12. @betatrash Ever tried researching the subject before discussing it?
  13. I can do better than this in a Prometheus X with Assault Railguns, omgnerfprometheusxandassaultrailgunsnow!!!1
  14. Was it an Airbus?
  15. We are talking about scenarios where you have to chose +crit chance or +weapon dmg this comes in forms of passive bonus on craft ships or CPU on Ellydium ship, i guess you could include kinetic Ammo into this, since thermal choice is more than just dmg output due to the range modifier. Outside of these, you aren’t forced to make a choice between +dmg or +crit chance since they come from different sources and can coexist.
  16. Some builds on Sirius, SawOne - from top of my head, that will be based on a final build you aim for (weapon, ammo, implants, booster, special module, presence of a friendly command buffs (like in Sec Con/ Leagues where you could more or less rely on your team mates), capacitor mods) Don’t have numbers, since I am at work, and unlike Milf, I cant play at work
  17. Its not about when crit chance becomes effective its about when +dmg becomes not effective.
  18. point is that it is not "always" better and there are enough cases where you will want crit chance over dmg bonus
  19. And I said all of that back when "10% dmg bonus is always better than 10% crit chance (ship crafting bonus)" argument appeared
  20. It is best to combine, keep in mind that Rate Of Fire builds reduce your firing cycle, while cool down cycle stais the same, and overheat/cooldown ratio is very important in dmg calculations too.
  21. Maybe the speed is the one that does not make sense and we should write a bug about it
  22. All dmg buffs/debuffs are applied on BaseDamage, this includes implants, ship modifiers and all active buffs in battle like Valk, Predator and Captains buff in combat recon
  23. Oh the irony, considering this formula is wrong
  24. Inhibitor Swarm is a control effect and follows the same rules
  25. I confirm CC diminishing, keep in mind that it is not only your disables hat get diminished, all CCs get affected by this, so if you have 2x ECM 1st stasis is 100%, but 2d stasis from a 2d ECM will be 50% reduced. This is one of the reasons why ECMs initiation with run in with aoe Stasis is BAD - it applies 50% reduction to next CC to all targets in range. is this official enough?
  26. Sooner or later people will realize that tackles are as important as healers for captain protection
  27. and why not?
  28. Because it works better with singularities. Before the only Kinetic weapons available to Fighters were Gauss and Assault Railguns, these 2 are positioning weapons, but federation gunships are all about close range and the only close range gunship weapon that we used to have is bubbles. Now there is singularities and Thark'th (which is kinetic) and Thark'th works really good on Piranha too
  29. All it takes is to change 1 character and you are a brand new person, don't have to change the whole name multiple times
  30. Looks like our old friend got a promotion One might even think he even got his own pen, good for you pal, good for you!
  31. just let them, not like that helps them, so w/e
  32. Or you know, you actually get a Thar'Ga and then tell us how it really is.
  33. Regarding return crystal: - CC effects destroy the return point beacon - Stasis (AoE stasis too) /Ion beam/Ion warhead missiles - If Tai'kin is under Inhibitor Beam effect (tackler's module) at the end of the return warp windup (which is about 1 second long) there will be no warp, Tai'Kin will just stay where he is, meaning they will be forced to use at least 1 multipurpose or invis to break out of inhibitor. - If Tai'kin is under Heavy Drone effect at the end of the return warp windup, Tai'Kin will just stay where he is, there will be no warping. Heavy Drone effect can only be negated by 14-1 implant, 8-2 has no effect on Heavy Drone aura, which is 7 000 diameter (or 10450 on a t5 tackler with a range bonus) plus it negates all other forms of warping as well, making Heavy drone (on bonus 50% range tacklers) one of the most valuable effects in current metagame. Current state fo the Return crystal is prone to abuse, in same time this is the fairly common effect in PvP games that have "active skills", I do think there has to be a visual/audio feedback that return windup is in progress, and I think it's CD is too short and warp charge is too fast, but in the same time players as a whole have yet to even try to think about new mechanics, and of course some will never will, but it is definitely too soon to safely measure the extent of impact this module has on a meta game, it's just too new.
  34. Or you could try to develop an ability to have your own opinion on the subject
  35. And why not?
  36. World isnt fair mostly used by people that are tiered sick of incapabe weaklings complaining abot trivial stuff.
  37. You are playing this game so you are supporting it.
  38. If he is out of the heavy drone bubble, he cant "steal" those who in
  39. Learn to position important objects
  40. Heavy drone ftw
  41. People will never stop crying
  42. I get that 2 tacklers were an accident, but that is not my point anymore, if you start in a small game, regardless if it will grow in size or not, opening in a support tackler vs fast agile ships, in general, is a bad idea, and you guys managed to even bring two . And since Swifter still lost in a Tai'kin in a 2v2, maybe it is not as bad as some of the people are making it to be
  43. 2v2... did you not have other ships equipped? Why would you even bring a support tackler into a 2v2?
  44. why would you bring 2 tacklers in the squad... the whole reason to be in the squad is to combine multiple roles effectively...
  45. Or you could bring something to reduce his regen, like phaser or spy drones and just kill him
  46. Of course, it is, especially considering that often Test server has different server settings (which include drop chances) than live servers and change periodically.
  47. You get 2 tokens the moment you cap a sector, so you dont need to hold it for 24hrs to start gaining