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  1. You posteed also a .exe somewhere. @Koromac If you know how to use pip and Python then you can use Tillo's Source from here
  2. It is the same with any other module that restores healt upon a kill, it is the same while flying a Thar'Ga.
  3. One of my last rounds on Spark, before I decided it is not worth it anymore. First Screenshot on my Steam Profile ( 14.09.2014 ) First Time having that supid new Pilot Rating over 9000, I somehow was so happy yo achieved it My oldest Screenshot: Hiding in a rock as captain (wasn't able to get out) (have to check my PC if I have still some old screenshoot there, but afaik most are already deleted or lost)
  4. both, it just depends on which site of the coin you look.
  5. bug

    My stats say otherwise... I play mostly between a ping of 70 and 80ms, my only problem is the occasional packet loss which I can't really say who's fault it is (either my ISP or some russian ISP)
  6. w/e 15/25 there is no real difference, both so low that you don't have to play seriously and it just encourages the stupid jump to a beacon and get one drone tactic you see way to often,
  7. Wrong section, you should it post it the regularly Mac one The you also should xxxx some logs and your device specification.
  8. Contact the support
  9. And it also makes Leagued a joke since maybe 10 to 20% of the teams wants to play competitively and the remaining teams just get farmed and hope they get their 25pts.. (Which ends in what we see that decent teams get onto the top when they play often enough since they just get against bad/mono farmers teams quite often) All in all Leagues sucks in what it is atm.
  10. You should have posted it in since this section here is only for Bugs related to the Public Test Server.
  11. write to the support they may will help you.
  12. that thing is just a web page and everyhting is in plain text in the sub folders. So you can still change stuff, the question is if Terrorblade would allow to redistribute a edited version. (Or if he would just share is onw fixed version) A git reporsitority without a license would be the same as we have atm, not being allowed to reuse the code for our own purposes.
  13. This is no bug it is a feature. Just read through the description of the modules, the more energy you have, the more gets consumed and the more healing gets done, the 189/166 is the activation energy.
  14. I doubt it would help you since I can also reproduce it on Linux. My Machine: OS: Gentoo CPU: i7 4770k RAM: 16GiB GPU: AMD r9 280x with MESA 17.0.6
  15. 1) was experienced by everyone in to wing 2) the game itslef didn't show any connection issues/packet loss 3) a connection test days afterwards doesn't help 4) it may be an insufficient upload bandwith of your server/not enough processing power/bug in the server code that server needs to much resources, runs slower under circumstances but its unlikely on client side There are sometimes(not that often) these issues in PvP and they always vanish if one certain players die.
  16. Wow, over 5 targets per seconds, that's really impressive. I may will go and install OSU again on my PC.
  17. I doubt that, War Thunder gets developed by Gaijin, Star Conflict and Crossout by Targem.
  18. Not really I use Teamspeak, Steam, Star Conflict, etc. Flash just sucks and their shouldn't be a reason nowadays to install it. I know why I prefer to configure like anything to be controllable by keyboard, because I sometimes need ages to hit a damn button(OK I'm exaggerating a little bit to much) with my mouse(and also my mouses glide whatever pads thingy are dissolve them self so I have to clean my desk daily so my mouse is at least somewhat precise)
  19. They are already doing, if you think that SC economy system sucks then don't play crossout.
  20. Flash ugh, I'm not going though that hasle to install that crap piece of Flash Player (and when I was on this site half a year ago I didn't even manage to get close to such an result)
  21. Du musst nicht alle alte Threads unnuetz wieder zum Leben erwecken, BugRogers liest das hoechstwahrscheinlich eh nicht mehr.
  22. Imo einfach bei Barke lassen, da es jetzt schon Jahre lang so war und die meisntens sich daran schon gewoehnt habe. Oder einfach in Schinken umbenennen.
  23. This is not related to the server -> client connection, as you can see in the vid the ping stays constant at 35ms and 0% packet loss. Koromacs title is just a bit misleading since it is more likely a server side issue of not beeing able to calculate everything fast enough.