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  1. This is not a priority change right now, and ofc we will count in multiple factors to make sure that balancing control modes will solve problems, not create new ones. I can't agree or disagree with your statement, since i never used basic mode. I do believe however, that frigates should be dominant at distance, and vulnerable in close range in general - since all those fighters with full rotation have to come close to you to make use of their rotation and guns, while you can land freeshots entire time they trying to shorten the distance.
  2. Control mode should provide no advantages, no matter which one you use. So it's just preference. Right now, expert mode locks your guns angles in front of your ship. On normal mode, you can shoot 180 degree (backwards, with only 1-2 guns, but w/e). So expert mode is worse in every single way. But i like my camera to lock on ship. Devs already fixed those angles for Interceptors, other ship will be fixed eventually, to balance out those modes.
  3. New Reaper with great speed
  4. On video there is exact moment (0:50), when tackler sneaked up behind me, but he just died without causing any dmg.
  5. If dessie will fire at you, you will die in 3 seconds. If he does not - he deserve to die.
  6. Loki gameplay:
  7. New Thar'ga video
  8. Very potent combination, +FIrestorm, yes. Will be fixed in time, once enough data collected
  9. You have to litteraly just hit twice to kill interceptors with any gun or module. They are unforgiving to mistakes, so no, they are not OP, neither dessies are extinct, since they retail highest firepower on this range so far.
  10. Video Request.


    Hey, hope you don't mind but I would love to see a match where you vs Takamina (Immyownmasternow, kyu)  I have watched all your videos and think you are easily one of the best in the game.

    Your fan,


    1. Swifter43021


      IMO max is better. 

  11. Dessies still viable, but you have to be really carefull now, everyone wants to insert their arc up in your booty.
  12. Hello Ladies and Gentlemans! I'm xlMaXlx, former SCL champion, now content provider for AlarmGG! Here i will post various videos that feature my gameplay. You will find much more on my channel. Hope you will enjoy. P.S. Any editing/music/recording advices will be greatly appreciated.