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  1. Hi there!

    I send this message to let you know, I got a 2 day chat ban for some odd reason.

    Last night I was talking about the new ships in 1.4.4, making jokes with some peeps... and later I downloaded the 1.4.4 patch and went to sleep. When I woke up this morning, someone asked where to mine destroyer mats, and after writing the answer (rank 7+ sectors, Sanctuary and Scrapyard are the best mining sectors) ... I found out I have a 2 day chat ban.

    I wasn't bothered waiting 2 days for the ban to be off... until someone asked for some parts I had (trading) and I lost a buyer... when people talked to me I couldn't answer and they got mad at me (I couldn't explain them why in any ways), and during battles I often message my allies & rivals when we do something funny (like lag crashing into an asteroid) or warning allies for something about to happen in the match... then I realized I had to say/do something about it. 

    I haven't done anything wrong in the chat (as far as I know) and I haven't violated the game chat rules (as far as I know) ... so I really don't know why I got a ban ._. I'll be glad if the ban was taken off, since I consider it unjustified. Thanks in advance!

  2. Please  fix  this  bug ... i do not  spam chat and  am perma ban for  1 day .... that day never  gets  less so i ether get un chat ban for  a  perma day or  i cant play this  game  any more  as  the  GS will now  be  necessary to play and a  chat ban player  will never  get the  parts  needed for  building