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    Must have said before and will repeat once more, PLEASE no need for a wall to read or a novel, just post 3 comprehensive lines with whatever it is that we need to know. Although I appreciate a rich literature post, might be best to put that effort in improving the game.
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    Since there were some people asking me about the task and how to do it, i took some liberty to make a build that could get it done with minimal effort and cost. In case you don't have the mods proposed in the video, just put the closest thing to it instead, but still, i believe most players would have them by the time they get the task. In any case, let me know how it goes for you and if you have any questions, ask away.
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    I'm honestly very interested to see how this invasion thing will work. It's like they're just becoming another faction like the big 4. Hint hint. Like remember the old corp faction war map? That but with green and purple now.
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    Jokes and all aside, this is quite serious, I assume this will also mean we will not get the drops from enemies AKA modules/weapons, and of course, ores, it even says it will affect Sec Con, so this could be a further problem, I guess it's time to put all my knowledge of OS to good use.
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    That's cool and all just please for the love of god remove Cybers from PvP.
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    Will it involve grinding for eterntiy or selling one's soul to the almighty rng god like the last 'pinnacle of evolution'?
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    Well Fox, you can have the Hunter, I'll take the Scout.
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    Took a while to find time to make the video but here is my perspective from team h in the tournament:
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    A1MA Deals close to no damage with very little usefulness. Amp up damage and RoF, or give it another makeover like it has gotten before. (I liked the blue single-target pulsar version, but with less energy use and more useful time.
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    You bet you do. They'll be all we get for the next 3 months gotta make sure it lasts a while.