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  1. Beacon and Lighthouse is the same. They used the wrong translated word there.
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  2. Update: now My 1825 Xenochips are disappeared LOL Brief resuming of what happens: 1) I finish all 35 task Event but... 2) During the Event I buy 2 seed-chips packs because I didn't aware that must pay 2k for the Protazan cabin (as many others players) 3) When I realize that the cabin cost 2k I start to sell resources almost always underprice (even paying 50% of taxes) because in hurry. 4) During this time the x5 Xenochips pack becomes -50% discount. Because this I buy a 9.99€ GS bundle just to buy the x5 pack. 5) I procede with point 3) + 4) because I calculate that I would made in time to buy cabin, according to the time given in STORE, but... 6) Before the time for buy cabin exipres (5 days before to be exactly) the daily Xenochips tasks expires... 7) Since I was without resources I ask help here in Forum asking if it possibile to extend the daily tasks for Xenochips along with the time for buying cabin exipres. No reply... yet. 8) Ok. I understand that I lost ALL my resouces and even 10 euro for NOTHING so, I think, at least I have the sufficient Xenochips for buy a custom skin pack. 9) I start the game today and my Xenochips are DISAPPEARED, even if the time for buyin cabin expires in 3 days and 7 hours (from now). 10) LOL
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