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    The armoured shutters of the gate clanged hard. “Doom, doom” — something rumbled heavily somewhere deep inside. There was silence. The secret hangar of the hierarchs of the temple was not particularly impressive. It was a small room modestly decorated with heavy purple canvases with Bartle's sayings embroidered on them. At the wings of the hangar, the only escape pod stood lonely — a modest and discreet ship, with thousands of its twins roaming the fringe sectors. Last chance for salvation... The temple's own engines were silenced a couple of days ago, and yesterday the entire machinery deck was lost. And now there was only local emergency lighting in the hangar. At the time of escape, there were several thousand people in the temple. And now, by the last hangar, only a couple of dozen survivors and uninfected Jericho could be found: a small detachment of military men, a couple of civilians and a dozen children. All those who survived the pandemic and the subsequent slaughter in the narrow corridors and echoing halls of the temple. — The ship cannot hold us all, — the lieutenant gathered all the survivors separately from the group of children. — We decided not to take the arks out of the temple, but to hide them in the forbidden halls. Fortunately, it is not too far from the hangar, and I know how to open the hidden gates. I think that the horde will follow us. The arks attract it, and it should give you some time. — We won’t break through the blockade, — quietly said a young beautiful woman, with a boy of about three or four leaning against her thigh. He glanced at the lieutenant and the other soldiers in armour with fear and admiration. — The Imperials and the traders will not let us out of the sector. They destroy all the ships at the gates. — There are cryo-pods in the escape vessel, — the lieutenant turned his eyes away from the boy. — If you use them, the ship will be able to reach the next safer gates at subluminal speed. The flight will be long, but the cryo-pods should stay intact. — How many are there on the ship? — Enough only for children... — It suits us, — the woman proudly looked him straight in the eyes. — Use this chance. There will be no other. — The boy, as if he understood something, quietly began to cry. The lieutenant gathered his squad in front of the inner doors. In the middle, containers covered with cloth and therefore formless lay on automatic trolleys. Inside were the mysterious arks of the Liu family — ancient symbols of power and unity, according to legend, received by the founders from the hands of Bartle himself. The main secret and value of the Temple of Last Hope. The doors opened, and the squad quickly left the hangar. The heavy folds shut behind them forever. The woman moved away from the control panel towards the children. — It's time to go to bed, — she patted her son on his wiry curls. — You have a long journey ahead of you. “Doom, doom” — something rumbled behind closed doors of the inner gates. After a long time and in a completely different place. — They are so emaciated, poor things! The children's hospital wing for low-income citizens of the Federation at New Eden could not provide the most luxurious conditions, but the treatment bays were not the oldest model and could well provide recovery even in the most serious condition. — They say they were found on a broken ship somewhere in the area of New Ceres. The children were all alone, no adults. Poor orphans. Terrible times, — the pitiful sister sighed. The dark-haired one is so small and so cute. I will write him down as Ramirez, Robert Ramirez.
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    Name: Evac Protocol Type: Active Module for Engineers Recharge: Medium Function: Increases the ship's maximum speed and maneuverability greatly, and places a docking pad in front of the ship. Getting close to an ally whose hull is at <50% durability will forcibly dock them to the pad and begin repairing them at a rapid rate. While docked, the ally has increased damage resistance, and the engineer can move them to safety. The ally can release dock at any time then cannot be grabbed again for 5 seconds. Allies carrying a bomb cannot be picked up. Just imagine an engi hauling on to the battlefield, grabbing a damaged ally, and hauling back away from battle while repairing them. The real ambulance of Star Conflict.
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    Bring everything back to 10000 (or higher) please.
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    After the recent update the balance is completely off at the tier 3 seccon. Instead of facing ships up to rank 9 we see rank 17 ships facing us frequently. This is just unbalanced and completely takes out the fun of tier 3 seccon. Please change it back like how it was, why fix something that is not broken?
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    I was just thinking about the whole cluster missile mechanic and remembered that I was playing with a similar mechanic in another game a while ago. I made something that I called the "crazy missile" that would break in to a "cluster" of one identical missile every second (or like every 0.8 seconds) and re-lock the nearest target. Although I had to make a separate projectile file for each iteration, it worked exactly as intended and gave the missile a very "crazy" look as it flew around from target to target as they moved. I think something similar would be cool to see in Star Conflict. And mind you there is no copyright attached to that other game so go ham. Name: Crazy Missile Type: Crafted Secondary Weapon Damage: high Explosion radius: medium/low Flight range: high Flight speed: medium/low Turn speed: high Tooltip: This unstable missile will re-track the nearest target every second until it reaches its maximum range or hits something. Turns quickly but flies relatively slowly.
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    5 Neurons? LOL. Not long ago you needed 91 Neurons - not counting special modules to upgrade Ze'ta. And a lot of people did that. 1000 screened batteries seems like a lot, but even if you want to grind it I see missions for 12 of them popping up pretty frequently. Or grind some monos and trade them for batteries (current rate is 1 mono for 3 or 4 screened batteries). Processing blocks are a little harder to obtain, but still it's nothing in comparison what was two months ago.
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    Pilots! We continue to share the latest changes that will appear on the game servers in the upcoming updates. Moon race In honour of the 2650th anniversary of the first landing on the satellite of the legendary Earth — the Moon, all pilots can participate in a special event — the “Moon Race”! The operation will begin on June 20 and will last until mid-September. During the whole period, all pilots will be able to earn a special game currency — Xenochips — for completing any missions. Xenochips can be spent on special rewards during the event. “Moon Race” will be held in three phases. Each phase has 30 stages. Only th owners of a special bundle can get a reward for all stages. But the first and every fifth reward for the stages will be available to all pilots. To get a reward, you must unlock the desired stage. The rewards will include bonuses to experience and credits; unique stickers, paintings, taunts and portraits, available to players only during the Moon race; premium license and special unique decor for ships. In order to gain access to the next reward, you need to go through all the previous stages. You can join a phase at any time when the phase is available. For the successful completion of each phase, the pilots will get one of the parts of the unique ship, the Jericho guard frigate “Custodian”. New Jericho guard frigate “Custodian” The Custodian frigate is the latest development of the Sentinels, the artificial intelligence left after the Technologists. Donated to UMC to maintain order in the sectors. It has a powerful shield control system. Custodian is armed with a plasma gun and can hide from radars. The ship is equipped with a special module that, in passive mode, increases shield resistance. When activated, it creates a protective barrier that closes the bow and sides of the ship. The active module increases shield resistance and also restores hull strength while reducing the speed of the frigate. The second active module increases ship speed for a short time, but it also reduces shield strength. During the module's operation, the ship cannot be detected on the radar. The unique frigate cannon releases plasma bursts. Holding the trigger causes accumulation of plasma charge, which significantly increases the damage and speed of the projectile. When the maximum charge level is reached, the plasma explodes, dealing area damage to the host and its enemies. New PvE mission “Temple of Last Hope” The abandoned complex, called the “Temple of Last Hope”, was recently discovered by pilots in the Antares system not far from the famous “Ancient Ruins”, another abandoned complex built by an unknown race. A quick examination of the complex showed that almost all the systems of the Temple are in working condition. It was even possible to start the generators of the protective field. Under their protection, a certain organization “Ancestor Heritage”, together with the UMC, started studying the interior of the temple complex. Perhaps there, in the dark depths of the mysterious temple catacombs, is the clue to the Monolith tragedy... During the mission, pilots will have to protect the generator, which is attacked by the constantly arriving waves of opponents. The wait is almost over! Stay tuned, and see you in space!
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    As well as errand, assignment, contract, job, objective, pursuit, quest, sortie, undertaking and of course vocation.
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    You obtain xenochips for completing tasks such as the timed OS tasks and daily monocrystal tasks, you cannot get them from normal battles.
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    Who the hell came to the conclusion that it's a good idea to match t3 with t5? ....
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    From the Steam page regarding : "This bundle includes Owners of this bundle will get access to additional rewards in the first phase of the “Moon Race” — “Into the unknown”. Does it mean the current Moon Pass is only for the first phase (30 days) and there will be more passess for the other two? If a person will complete some stages and then acquire the Moon Pass can he still collect past rewards?
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    Pilots! The UMC launches a special test version of the game with balance tweaks proposed by the players. This version of the game will be available to everyone on a separate test server. This thread is meant for the discussion of the suggested changes according to the following format: Suggested change: Pros: + (briefly, what exactly you liked) Cons: - (briefly, what exactly you didn't like) A brief summary (to the point, no emotions):
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    There is no issue with that. Winkler is guessing ("I feel that a Cartel observer is somewhere in the system already") and your mission is to check that guess is correct. And that is definitely an issue
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    Oh hush sometimes I just jump right in to a new topic lol.
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    Conquest. Edit: oh whoops someone beat me to it.
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    That is sector conquest.
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    Yes, increasing item caps at least to 10000 would be a good thing. There's no reason for item caps to even exist in the first place.
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    Pilots! UMC reports that according to the results of the previous public testing of balance changes suggested by players, the proposed version of the game was further tweaked. In this regard, we announce an additional day for public testing. Public test server Testing will be held on the Star Conflict public test server. The public test server is a game space independent of the live server where updates are uploaded for mass testing. Instructions on how to connect to the public test server can be found here The test server will be available for a limited time on June 11 and 12 from 18:00 MSK until 22:00 MSK. Removed balance changes: Sector Conquest The range of all modules and missiles reduced by 25% Rationale: on the PTS there was no opportunity to test the change, and this is why it is postponed for an indefinite period of time. The current changes of modules, ships and guns should have a positive impact on the balance in this mode Teleportation sphere Preparation before the jump takes 1 sec Rationale: According to the results of testing the sphere of teleportation, the current change makes the sphere completely unsuitable for effective use. Commitment 9-13 Module ranks changed to 9-12 Rationale: Following the results of testing and discussion with the players (both Russian-speaking and English-speaking), the change was deemed unnecessary, since the effect of the Commitment module was overestimated when creating and justifying the change. Several bugs, found during the test: Side boosters Drop a bomb. Do not work when applying tackler modules. Problem: not blocked by inhibitor beam and heavy drone. https://forum.star-conflict.ru/index.php?/topic/63585-bokovoi-uskoritel/ Covert Ops drone Shield siphon power increased by 10% Active time reduced by 16.66% Cooldown increased by 33.3% Drone no longer fills the carrier's shields Problem: shield burning effect exceeds the required value. https://forum.star-conflict.ru/index.php?/topic/63480-momentalnoe-szhiganie-shchita/ Infobarrier The linear dimensions of the barrier are doubled Problem: the module's texture disappeared. It shows black squares instead. https://forum.star-conflict.ru/index.php?/topic/63584-infobarer/ Protocol regulation Using a module drops a bomb Problem: using the module does not drop the bomb. https://forum.star-conflict.ru/index.php?/topic/63583-kontrol-protokolov/ Legion Microwarp Engine During a warp jump, a radioactive cloud with a radius of 1200 m remains in the launch area, inflicting up to 11220 units of damage Problem: when the module is activated, a cloud does not appear in the launch area. https://forum.star-conflict.ru/index.php?/topic/63582-mikrovarp-dvigatel-legiona/ Other AI frigates in PvP modes Frigate bot Beam Cannon in PvP is replaced by Vulcan Rationale: At the moment frigates in PvP do not leave a single chance to interceptors, fighters, and even weak frigates. This makes it incredibly difficult to play, breaking any balance with an absolute Aim-bot and weapons with instant and guaranteed delivery of damage. When replacing the weapon, the absolute aim-bot will be perfectly compensated by the factor of non-instantaneous delivery of damage and a component of randomness that will not allow the frigate bots to deal all the potential damage to the enemy.
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    “Changed the number of credits that can be found in containers in the open World. Now large volumes of credits will appear less often.” Wait seriously??? This couldn’t have just been left alone??? Aren’t you all trying to make OS, I don’t know… better? Changes like these pretty much negate that, and also upsets players who rely on OS farming for credits. I’m not sure what good has ever come from upsetting players :/
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    They added an option to toggle this behavior but didn't set the old one as default, you can do it in Options -> Hud -> [ ] Transparency behind obstacles
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    But that might be me.
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    they are just right m8
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    I have a 7 moon race and I do not see painting wood. WHERE IS IT? WHAT IS TO K*RWA???
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    The representative of the Empire at the UMC informed us that a new transport convoy from the hub worlds has arrived at the fringe sectors. This time the convoy delivered a unique and particularly valuable product available to pilots in single digits! Special bundles “Plate steel” and “Space” The painting “Plate steel” was previously used only by the Warden fighters. We remind you that the Wardens is a military order of the Empire, the personal guard of the Emperor, guarding him during his travels around the galaxy. After the loss of the Solar system in the war with the Aliens, the fate of the order, just like the Emperor's, is unknown. Many believe that the guard was evacuated through a secret gate. But, most likely, every single Warden died while protecting the Solar System. The bundle “Plate steel” will be available for a limited time and will be sold one at a time. Its price is high, but it will decline with time until someone buys a bundle. Perhaps after some time, the Plate Steel bundle will once again be available for purchase. Will be sold one at a time. A special bundle “Space” will also be available to pilots for a limited time, which includes the stickers: Spacetime Forging alliances Fetch! The bundle “Space” will be available for a limited time and will be sold one at a time. The price will decline with time until someone buys it. After some time, the bundle “Space” will again be available for purchase. Will be sold one at a time. Do not miss the chance to get unique painting and stickers! The offer is limited in time and number of copies! Miscellaneous The southern portal in the “Sector Conquest” mode now opens 1 hour earlier and is still available once a week. The cost and amount of resources received when salvaging Axons and Dendrites in the workshop have been changed. Crafting of Neurons from Axons and Dendrites is temporarily returned. Changed the number of credits that can be found in containers in the open World. Now large volumes of credits will appear less often. Bug fixes Fixed the impact of the module “Return Crystal” on pilots in PvE mode. Fixed display of modules in the “Atlas” after their upgrade. Fixed a bug with information about a corporation that can be obtained through the game API. Fixed a number of text display errors. Improved stability of game servers
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    Yeah the holoship missile removal was a thing because of PvP. There was chicken Tai'kins and the whatnot in high rank PvP that'd slot doomsday missiles that effectively never ran out since the Ai didn't have an effective catridge reload or anything and instead just fired the missile shortly after spawning. On the other end there was players like me intentionally abusing it on ships like the Sai because it was stupid broken being able to volley out 4 missiles in under 3 seconds on a recon even if they had reduced damage.