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  1. 5 points
    Taikin, stinkray and barfhound still at it, neurodes were an unwelcome change, the monos were quite enough. Hoping for a very short duration for the trade tax changes and neurodes still. Vote up if you agree, comment down if you disagree or want to add stuff to the list. Just wanted a swing at it, don't mind me... clears throat* REMOVE THE PVP BOTS!!!111oneoneone
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    My turn, mono missions from OS were heavily reduced, low limits on the axons and dendrites, enough to craft two neurons at a time, rather ineffective unless the spec ops rotate one after the other, on that topic, low and random gains, I understand that this is meant to have less people get the new stuff and in the scenario that is broken, the damage to be minimized, regardless of that, smart grinding and persistent playing should still have you get them at a reasonable rate, lastly, ship loadouts need to also remeber implants and Ellydium nodes.
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    "If the players are unanimous they will be free, and it appears very evident the devs in general are more afraid of the players than the players are of their usurpt power to tax them, or their threats to inforce taxes by compulsive measures, they have a weapon much more deadly than the sword to the Mother Land, which will keep them free and make them a happy people.”
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    Ugh... I have been dealing with this issue for more than 3 weeks and I can't handle this anymore. For the past three weeks or more, I have been forced into dogfighting 3 to 4 SADOs trying to blast my Dreadnought, with me being the only human out of 4 "pilots" on my team. My Corporation's Dreadnought is a "Liberator" with Shielding Catalyst (seen in the top two images; the bottom-most and middle-right is on a random Dreadnought), so with 2720 points versus 2000 points, that's still very bad odds, especially when you consider I'm teaming up with 4 dumb AIs. The result? Defeat with 0 to 1000 pts. And this is what happened during the course of just a few weeks: You may be asking: "Ry, what about the battles 2 weeks ago?" Well, my 1TB SATA hard disk crashed because ants literally made a nest in it probably because I left it on for weeks on end. So there goes all my precious proof. Also, this seems to happen SPECIFICALLY with SADO, being the cheaters that they are. I have no issues with other Corporation's troopers. What does the Matchmaker think I am, some kind of space-age John Cena? I hope something will be done about this within a week. Next Monday, if I see any more solo versus 3-4 SADOs, I am so giving this game's Matchmaker a lovely showcase on a Facebook post. And I have 400 or so friends, so that's bound to be an impact.
  6. 2 points
    For license holders, make nodes in the after-battle loot search color-coded for what they contain. Free: Light blue - Credits, Resources, Ship components Dark blue - Insignia Purple - Alien artifacts With License: Light blue - Credits Green - Resources Yellow - Ship components Dark blue - Insignia Purple - Alien artifacts
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    When an ally pops gravity lens in PvE I just want to screm. Please PLEASE make it so that gravity lens doesn't affect allies. At least in PvE.
  8. 2 points
    You can't use identical modules on destroyers but honestly I wish you could. It would allow symmetry again.
  9. 2 points
    I may have suggested this long ago, and the Ze'Ta was the closest thing to it to emerge years later. With the command of swarms and ship-to-ship docking I would like to see 'Carrier' type ships for the 3 main factions, each specializing in different squadron types and utilities. In terms of size and durability, they would behave similarly to current destroyers. Direct firepower would be less, but more evenly spread to all arcs, and more defensive in nature so as to repel close attacks effectively. Active modules would be focused more on team support and commanding fighter squadrons, rather than downrange firepower. As fun as the Ze'Ta looks in function, I absolutely hate the fibrous crystalline alien aesthetic. I would love to hear your comments, suggestions, and elaborations.
  10. 2 points
    I'd pay for an ellydium reskin. Keep the clean white and black shapes and ditch the green tumors.
  11. 1 point
    To get 600 parts pilot needs to get 10 x5 inventor packs for Brokk, even not including 10 additional parts. There're something wrong with calculations. Thanks everyone for clearing this up
  12. 1 point
    Plasma Web (Cov Ops) and similar modules should have a 90% lower cooldown. Metastable generator (ECM) should have the cooldown reduced by 70% Destabilizing field (Sirius Suppressor) should have an 80% lower cooldown and 80% lower energy consumption. Gravitational lens (Suppressor) should have the gravity effect disabled for allies, and the gravity effect increased by 200% against the bots. These are just some "gut feel" values for some modules that seem particularly useless or counterproductive (cough cough grav lens) in PvE Can you guys think of any other modules that should get a special buff (or even a nerf) for PvE?
  13. 1 point
    Seriously, this needs to be disabled in PvE
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    Controls won't work here... IGN: Notrusty
  16. 1 point
    Im not amused by the news much myself, its meant to be a temporary thing, for all its worth.
  17. 1 point
    if the actual system can just don't take the vote of a loading/disconected player, this will be a really good step in the right direction.
  18. 1 point
    They want people to buy gold with money.
  19. 1 point
    Bring back the container!
  20. 1 point
    Well, locking anything behind spec ops grind especially where you need a coordinated wing(r13+ mission)is insane. I know that these new resources will be removed but how long will we wait? Half of a year like it was with Pilgrim? Will it be like that with every next ship? Will every next ship added to the game be like "Yay, new ship added to the game! I will be... waiting many months?". Also, reducing monos from 15 to 10 is an unwelcome change.
  21. 1 point
    It depends on your goal. Using multiple passive modifiers works just the same as on other ships.
  22. 1 point
    Is it a viable to use identical modules on Destroyers? Was looking for info about this in some guides and couldn't find anything. Also, show me your builds if possible. Would like to compare mine with the rest of you guys.
  23. 1 point
    10x Crystal Neuron Also a bunch of random node items. 1x Crystal Neuron = 100x Dendrite 10x Axon
  24. 1 point
    Thus everything falls into the perfect balance.
  25. 1 point
    I'll compensate for his againstness and make it known that I will always be for carrier type ships in Star Conflict.
  26. 1 point
    Hello, I'm posting this SC prices.pdf here. It contains someuseful info about prices of certain items.
  27. 1 point
    green sector IGN : Vengeance1999 
  28. 1 point
    There is always something, some way other than the direct way hidden in plain sight that would get you what you want. It's just that you have to think outside of the box sometimes. For now im at 30ish monos per day so that gives out like 300ish GS daily. It's worth mentioning that the OS tasks appear every 3 hours and last 6 hours until completion or until the time runs out so you have like 8 chances daily to get at least one monocrystal task that gives out 2, 3, 5 or 8 monos. I try to catch as many as i can, most i got in one day was 34 monocrystals without any other missions, just open space tasks. In the end, those ships are considered to be premium ships, therefore their primary design is to generate revenue in some way or the other, so it's only natural to seek a fast way to generate the ingame currency in heaps worth. All of the games i've ever played had the same approach, in the days i played WoW i focused on farming easy stuff so i could buy stuff i need on the auctions since i couldnt do raids on my own nor find proper reliable groups for instance, that's where and when i learned to take different routes to get stuff i wanted. "Unstable ships" like the ones you mentioned are as viable as the meta lets them, outside of that they are as worth as any other premium and that can easily happen at any time so investing in the "latest broken thing" is not advised imho. So far i found a good use for all of the collectible premium ships and dlc ships alike, but you really have to be versatile in all of the roles and even meta builds you come up on your own to take advantage of all the ships in the ships tree properly.
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    If it's interesting to u, only Stingray and Nightingale are worth to be crafted. Other ships (t2 and t5 Karud) are non-usefull in real-time reality.
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    Pilots, today we celebrate the Cosmonautics Day, the greatest holiday that opened to humanity the way to new horizons and research! In honor of this event, we invite you to take part in our screenshot contest. In this contest, you need to make a screenshot, which would most closely match the contest's theme - "Investigation of secret and unknown". And post it to special thread on the forum! Conditions of the contest: The screenshot must be created in the Star Conflict game. Only one screenshot is permitted per participant. Minimal image editing is allowed. The screenshot should not violate the Rules of the Forum and the Game. Post your screenshot to special thread on the forum. Don't forget to specify your nickname. Screenshots are accepted until the April 28. Winners will be announced on April 30th. The authors of the best entries will become the owners of one of the unique patterns to choose from: “Liquid metal”, “Invasion” or “Iceberg”. Traditionally, the entries with the highest number of likes will get the Th'ak'len cannon 11-17!
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    The other empires have unique weapons associated with their T14 destroyers, so why not the Federation? 'Hurricane' EM suppression cannon Low DPS High rate of fire Fires sequentially (Like coil mortar) Average stats in range, spread, crits, and velocity Special effect: Deals bonus damage against targets moving towards you, up to +100% damage on targets moving at 800m/s directly towards the source of the projectile. 800m/s: +100% 400m/s: +50% 200m/s: +25% This only calculates the rate of change in distance between you and the target. A target moving at 800m/s sideways will take no extra damage. Fleeing targets will not take reduced damage.
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    Max rank Light Hull has +4.5% speed +20% turn rate -2% hull Seems a bit useless as it not only has a -2% hull penalty, but also stands in the way of substantial gains in durability. Add to the Light Hull, on top of existing bonuses: Acceleration (+20%?) Reduced afterburner energy (-10%?) A lighter hull should improve all handling aspects across the board, but it's difficult to summarize the benefits of better maneuvering in a concrete way besides 'gut feel' and lots of recorded game data
  34. 1 point
    The one thing that makes me sad is how 'sitting behind a rock, spamming swarm control' is a viable tactic.
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  36. 1 point
    Maybe those who participated in the event with brokk can keep the skin and stuff, and those who want it after the event can buy it as a DLC. That would be cool and also comp for the effort put in to it. (best April 1st addition to date)
  37. 0 points
    Pilots! As part of the fight against market speculation, the UMC informs you that in the near future the tax on the sale of high-value goods will increase: Vitreous Dendrite - up to 30% Crystal Axon - up to 30% Enriched monocrystal - up to 60% Xenocrystal - up to 60% Composite alien block - up to 40% This will reduce the number of suspicious trading operations on the market and protect pilots from price manipulations. UMC engineers are closely monitoring the situation. Yours truly, Star Conflict Team
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    Im just gonna cut it short and say im against all types of carriers in general.
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    Buffing other Destroyers are reasonable to combat the Ze'Ta's imbalance in PvP, provided they're buffed appropriately and not too much/low. But as I said, using a Covert Ops ship is practically useless since they can just i) blast your ship with their Swarm or ii) warp away. And 75% of my battles take place in Russia (preferred server region is set to "Any Region", which usually give me 400 milliseconds of latency, and sometimes up to 60% packet loss and 460ms in rare cases, as opposed to USA's 250 and Europe's 225, so in the delicate "sneaking-up-and-spearing-them" process, if an Engineer (Combat Drones) or any other ship with weapons that can attack cloaked enemies sees me, I'm dead before I can even react. That applies to Gunships, too. I went 1v1 on a Ze'Ta ((values are for Kinetic, EM and Thermal resistances respectively) 39%, 55%, and 58% for hull and 37.5%, 35.3% and 23.1% for its shields) and depleted its shields and was left with 38% of its hull remaining before I blew up. I was using a Phobos gunship with 8.1k hull, 4.5k shields, (resis: 4.8%, 39.4% and 25.9% for hull, 37.5%, 0% and 23.1% shield resistance), armed with a Mk.5 Ion Emitter 9, (only active modules used during combat are specified) Mk.4 Magnetic Disruptor 9, Mk.4 Aiming Overcharge 8, and a Combat Reboot 9.