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  1. It's a known issue and will be fixed after and of marathon period. All rewards will be given.
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  2. Name: Nitrolaser Type: Thermal weapon for LRFs Damage: Low-Medium Rate of Fire: Maximum (600 rpm) Range: Extremely high (over 10 kilometers without horizon module or other buffs) Projectile speed: High crit chance/crit damage: low and medium respectively Overheating/cooling time: fast and slow respectively Tooltip: A thermal weapon with extremely high range. critical hits reset weapon heating, but overheating generates a cloud of radiation around the ship, dealing thermal damage per second for 6 seconds So yeah i was bored and i saw a
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  3. Error report Describe problem and what you saw Open Space entering into an empty region. What you expected to see Enemies, other players and my own ship and weapons Conditions in which error reproduce Unknown, as it did not happen next attempt. Was running a system AV scan at time with Norton. Problem details The system was devoid of users, enemies and you could not exit it via the gates. Ship was armed with strange weaponry, including pizza missiles, that acted like health. There wa
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  4. Hello, pilots! We would like to draw your attention to the fact that everyone who has lost progress in the New Year's marathon due to a recent error has been sent an email with a set containing the final award! You can activate the set in the in-game store! Hurry up, the set will be available for a limited time!
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  5. will this help me see the exact date when ecms in os will stop cloaking?
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  6. Fresh trigger of the bug on the current patch of the game (, Dec 18 2020) 1. As per the bug hunt, I was able to regenerate my entire shield capacity in an extremely short span of time. 2. To take damage and only have regular shield regeneration input from modifiers and modules. 3. I was taking heavy damage from multiple damage sources. I made sure to have no potential modifiers flooding my incoming healing and as a result no combat shield regenerator or static shield regenerator were used. Only an Engineering Regenerator 17 was used in the event the bug fa
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  7. Pilots! A Jericho Artificial intelligence has developed a special tool that allows you to predict the future Those who want to know what to expect in the coming year need only move their mouse cursor over the image. Experience the new Jericho tech and share your results on our official Website! Yours faithfully, Star Conflict team
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