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  2. Game is Developed for a minimum of 1280x720 any resolution below that is no maintained, and GUI elements are not guaranteed to work correctly in all cases.
  3. edited, anything else you want for a simple issue with the positioning of things that really has nothing to do with half of the information your report format asks for?
  4. No it wouldnt, crit damage sing cannon. You cant take a single attribute like dam per turret and have that the reasoning. It does not take into account the charging of the weapon to reach its 3k.... long range!? Or any other number of factors I can guarantee blue balls would be the fit half thark users would have chosen if it didnt exist. With sing cannon compromises have to be made, proj speed or crits, proj speed or dam, cooling or proper engine slot, supercooled or damage. Thark on tharga has none of these drawbacks its damage with damage and would you like some damage with a side of damage. A sing cannon will melt a frig or slow fighter much faster than the thark but will have plenty of trouble with faster ships and even if its fitted for faster balls then the dps suffers for it. Im not saying the damage does not need toned down a little it really does but it is not the main reason for the extreme power of the weapon. Try fitting to a regular gunship and being all powerful with it, it lacks greatly in comparison and not just because s1 using it against you on a tharga. The projectile speed and the tharga are the main concerns as anything can be hit with it and u'll prob live through it. Unlike the sing cannon and other ships i dont have to make any compromise with that combo. Back to this guys q tho, guards with high kinetic resist, slowing fields and signature masking are very usefull v them right now. As are tacklers and any single shot high damage weapons. They might seem invincible but they need to be fighting almost all the time as many are not running with an engy friend or proper repairs for themselves.
  5. CinnamonFake (Posted 4 hours ago) Then it may be a reason for bug report Found that the english describtion says I have to do it with a tackler but the german one doesn´t mention it.
  6. Logs have your screen resolution and interface scale, logs can tell if script to output GUI elements failed and plenty of other stuff.
  7. Mhhrjjsawwwenergymissilefgueuhsdvjkezz8commandshielddraindhuiaraounreuhbi I miss the times when you could carry a game with skill .
  8. logs? lol...sorry have to laugh at that one......what "logs" are there to include in a bug with the positioning of things in the display? but ok...what ever
  9. Actually after the last patch Thargas got some nice counters, also it has much less regen capability. And impossible to kill by a frigate? Try a guard.
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  11. This is not true, not true at all. There is big difference in how Ship follows the aiming reticle in Basic and Expert mode, how ship turns and changes directions is directly affecting how you dodge incoming fire. In expert mode, since ship is very responsive to any change in aiming reticle position (assuming very low PING, just how you have it), even if the aiming reticle changes around the centre of the screen, your ship effectively dodges more by simply aiming at the enemy, in basic mode it is the opposite, ship starts truly manoeuvre when you displace your aiming reticle to mid-side of the screen, making you have more prolonged "straight flying" patterns, even if you heavily compensate with strafe and rotation displacements, from enemy perspective it does not look as "wobbly" as if you would fly in Expert mode. Problem is Expert mode is next to impossible to use for people that fly with 50+ PING in 90% of their matches, and there are plenty of those that next to never see games with <100 PING, living in 150-200 PINGs, for such people Basic control and expanded firing angles is a god sent, that is what allows them to play the game. Expert mode promotes this fly style, where you fly backwards+strafe and add in rotation here and there, but there are plenty of people that want to fly similar to how Fed gunships with bubbles fly = you go full rotation, and invest nothing into strafe, where everything relies in extreme close fight with high rotation (again granted you have <100 PING for such gameplay). Limiting Firing angles of turrets killed that game-play on interceptors, because you can no longer manoeuvre (not strafing manoeuvre, but rotation) and shoot at your target, while limiting angles had zero affect on how strafing flies. So before developers go ahead and limit angles for all other ships, make sure you try how it is in our world, where we have high ping and it is a basic control mode, oh and try it on something like Interceptor/Fighter that has <140 strafe. Such change will force every body into strafing builds, meaning eliminating diversity and variety of possibilities in the game play. Even more, it will make everyone who is not flying Expert on agile ships instantly in disadvantage due to the difference in dodging i explained in the start of the post.
  12. Make a proper bug report with logs included!
  13. The Game requires a minimum window size of around 1200px to draw everything correctly or close to correct. I think the ’official’ lowest supported resolution is 1280*720 or so.
  14. So because SC team doesn't write full patch note. A community member decided, before i did. To start making topics containing all the missing info of the patch notes. So we dont have to read every single little comments on the patch discussion topic, to maybe, find a few hidden changes some random player would have been nice enough to put there. Pretty much in vain. The thread got closed. It's sad. We are trying to be helpful and get slapped. I mean come on. What was the problem with that... And also, how hard is it to make a list of thing that has been done and then put it in the patch note. If not recalling all that as been done for said patch. Make a list of things to do, then check what is completed. Then take the list of the completed stuff and paste it in the patch note, idk. What i do know is that it stink that we can't make a topic with a list of the hidden changes,fix, improvement.
  15. lets be honest they wont nerf their only true income.
  16. Oh i forgot something! THANK YOU FOR STOPPING THE PROMOTION OF SPAWN CAMPING. This will change this game forever. I just hope that ppl don't start to camp there (even more). This has been necessary, especially cuz of these weird survival rules.
  17. I bet, contrary to it's purpose, this thread is going to turn out as one of the most civilized talks in forum history. Or as quark would put it. "ooh-mans...."
  18. Pain of not having an english keyboard. Like my old keyboard was rrench Canadian, this one is American english. On my old keyboard i had to change windows keyboard language setting and use notepad to find out what key is what. First time it took me forever to find the tidle key ( over TAB key) but was like on my apostrophe key. It was the same for some other keys, like the reversed slash key. Have you tried setting windows keyboard language to Turkish? Also, someone will most probably tell you, if not me. No logs= no bugs
  19. What did you expected to happen. - I expected to be able to use the edits for the ship and not have them blocked by something overlaid on them The conditions during the situation. - I built the ship played with it for a couple days and found some of the edit's for the ship inaccessible Further details on the issue. - what "further details do you need"? Frequency of occurrence. - recurring, constant, unavoidable ... take your pick Logs + screenshots or a video (Including a description of the issue, where to and how to reproduce it) - Screens shown below, as for reproducing isn't a one time problem or occasional it is always there If possible, the time when it happened* < typo in the original text of the bug report format post >. In this case we will be able to look more closely to the server logs. Also mention your time zone. - every day / night i log in time has no effect on it Information on the configuration of your computer (DxDiag) - my computer is custom built thus DxDiag does not recognize most of it properly Screen resolution set at 1024x768 32bit color on an LG 51" screen { anything else you want..feel free to let me know I'll edit this again... } overlay? bug not allowing access to some of the thar'ga "edits" any fix for this?
  20. Fix RF blaster please, it has the same firerate as a plasmagun. Fix the Brokk, although she never shows up on the scoreboard this thing is (still) as OP as they come, if the enemy has 2, your chance of killing any destroyer approaches -0. Then said destroyer will walk into your spawn and vacuum resonace laser the xxxx out of your team. Next one, Vacuum Resonance laser, i find it highly irresponsible to introduce a point click weapon to the destro. It is nearly impossible to evade this weapon if the enemy is half capable. Plus that area effect jesus xxxx.( WHY?: Ioncannon, beam cannon, destructor, they are all on a platform that has to move itself to survive, a destro is a stable platform that only has to optimise his position to optimise his fire, and you will most likely be out of range, or static shields blocking your attepts to push him. You gave a ship that has all the time in the world to aim at you an easy to aim weapon with area effect GG) Generally i have the feeling that you DEVS are gambling with us, riding the moods of the community instead of providing a horizon. "how long until they notice that this or that is OP" ; "uhh if the tharga is super op they wont notice all the other OP stuff." Next one. These packs really do include all the said modules, this is a first in this game. Now please do the same with all the other paid content. Maybe in half a year, your existence can be taken seriously then, by gamers that dont appreciate constitiutionalised robbery.. Im still a fan tho of this dumbed & numbed down Star Pommefritte. NINJA CHANGE: Doomsday Missiles are now obtainable with,... credits!! exiting right
  21. full size and cropped screens of it
  22. Darn, i thought that was the place where i could say **** the **** fc***ng ***. this "thing " piss me off. I'll refrain from it and stay polite then.
  23. Exactly! That's why this for)
  24. Yesterday, there was a micro reboot of battle while I was in a speed wing for Spec Ops run .. several players .. got back into battle .. like a reboot stutter ..
  25. that's what they said , anyways, so b it
  26. Judging by the way they choose stuff I might not even make it into the list, oh well, they are only some Xenos, only, some, Xenos. end my suffering
  27. irony i think less moderation only means, you can talk more independently, more raw and honestly. doesnt mean, they wont answer
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