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  2. Weekly Caches!

    The UMC announces the start of production of the new caches! Get them in trophy search after battles from anywhere. A set of caches can be updated in a week! Achieve the necessary! Check out the full list of caches here!
  3. Testing Waz'Got on 11 and 12 ranks (Discussion)

    Got my 8 lvl Wasgot by farming. Same with 15lvl Taikin and 15lvl Tharga. Am I doing something wrong?
  4. Corporate Credit Pool

    I would like it to operate like Free Synergy works - - if a player is in a corporation every of his earnings of credits auto-earns corporate-credits, a new type of currency (including effecting ones ranking in the corp). New missions would only contribute to the overall rather confusing number of different mission types that we have already. Simpler missions and less types of missions/assignments is better.
  5. Corporate Credit Pool

    Doing something to make it interesting and rewarding to join and then stay in a corp would be fine! Because lots of new game experience is build around the corp model. As for adding a shared Credit/Resources Pool to Corporations, like this: I think the idea of different types of corporations would do additional good to the game. For example:: from flight academies for beginners up to top equipe type corps for the best. Imho, limiting the number of members for each corporation type - especially for those of the quality of NASA, STORM and consorts - would help: Space Academy type corp. (easy - beginners) > up to 240 players - T3 Dreadnoughts and galaxy sectors Star Cadre type corp. (medium - veterans) > up to 90 players - T4 Dreadnoughts and galaxy sectors Corporate Equipe type corp. (hard - e.sports) > up to 30 players - T5 Dreadnoughts and galaxy sectors This would make for more diversity, competition in corporations and would limit the punch of top notch corps like NASA and would give them more competitors. Its like smashing a cartel into smaller sub-corporations. In this way insurance type things like a Shared Credit Pool to Corporation would have a synergistic effect: more for the insecure beginners and the less the higher.
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  7. Testing Waz'Got on 11 and 12 ranks (Discussion)

    How that pay2play? Every time they release a part of the ship we have time to get all the nodes we want and in the meantime they develop the rest of the ship. This is a much better way of working through the ship and here we don't have ppl yelling all over the place.
  8. Testing Waz'Got on 11 and 12 ranks (Discussion)

    That why its p2w. Give me my damn op ship already. Even doing this way its still pay pay pay pay pay pay.
  9. Corporate Credit Pool

    This is basically just a duplicate of:
  10. Testing Waz'Got on 11 and 12 ranks (Discussion)

    They are doing this for balance purpose, that way they can ask us what's wrong with the ship and also give them a easier work. Instead of releasing a op ship that will take several patch to fix
  11. Testing Waz'Got on 11 and 12 ranks (Discussion)

    I dont get why they didn't let you max out on day one like the others. I am not liking this slow approach. I only play r15, anything else is a waste of my time. You can thank contract nerfs for that.
  12. Corporate Credit Pool

    +1, would encourage players to join corps, and hopefully from that, encourage staying in the game.
  13. Yesterday
  14. Suggestion: Many people, especially newcomers, have problems with their Credit balance. Players without a Premium license, even more. Main problem for these players is that if they pilot a rank 8 or rank 11 destroyer, then they die once, plus at the end, they pay resupply costs, which will make them lose their money. To remedy this problem, there should be an additional option available - 'Corporation Credit Pool'. There should be a daily 'Corporation Credit Pool' mission. Example: Win 1 battle in Special Operations. By completing this objective, you will be awarded with 500000 credits, each day. Same rules apply as for 'Corporate Iridium' assignment and 'Conquest' mode. Adding a Shared Credit Pool to Corporation's interface should look like this: How does it work? When you complete the battle that resulted in defeat, repairs and resupply costs are subtracted from the corporate credit fund. This feature is meant to help people, who are struggling with credits. Can a player deposit credits to 'Corporate Credit Pool'? Yes! However, instead of a slider, you can just type the amount of credits in the field, just like in the field box in the Workshop. How much is the maximum amount for the 'Corporate Credit Pool'? The maximum amount of credits that you can deposit to 'Corporate Credit Pool' is 50000000 credits. How much is the amount that you can provide, if you do 'Corporate Credit' daily assignment? The maximum amount for this daily assignment is 500000 credits. More members in a corporation will bring more profit, and faster. Do not forget to comment, vote and discuss! Regards, Koromac
  15. Corporate resource pool

    This could really help lower level players who are trying to climb up the ranks without grinding for excessive amounts of time. Though, if you're going to make a resource bank, you might as well introduce direct trading of resources between players.
  16. Match found

    yeah always nice when you wait for a match and browse around and you notice by chance that the Star Conflict tab is blinking that something happened. Even more funny when you are down and browse then in the background (cus the match still has a fair amount of time (looking at you Space Operation)) and you tab back in when the battle is over and you only 5 secs for loot left lol cus if you play the game with all sounds disabled you don´t will notice it at any point.
  17. Corporate resource pool

    .. Open Space overhaul was announced for end of summer ..
  18. game crash on login, not saving preferences

    Did you reinstall?
  19. Match found

    There should be an announcer sound - "Prepare for battle!"
  20. container content missing

    Provide logs! Also:
  21. Corporate resource pool

    Try dreadnought debris.
  22. Corporate resource pool

    I'm working on a spreadsheet that details locations for mining. Until the above happens, that might be useful for corps to help their players mine for the stuff together. Heck, why not make it a bigger thing, where a lot of us pitch in? Could make a forum thread of willing miners? now THAT seems like a thing we can do now.
  23. Corporate resource pool

    Man, I wish this could be a thing. Also, gratz on the forum account being fixed!
  24. Corporate resource pool

    Im all up for it although it probably may never be a thing
  25. Electrum drop rates - what the heck?

    And I am just sitting here with huge piles of everything but beryllium guess ill wait keep farming.
  26. Costom Screenshot!

    And flies just like it
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