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  2. The signature masking buff is necessary for me because new weapons lately have more range. I still use it, but I'm thinking of changeing it for missile shield. I feel guards are a bit abandoned to his fate because isn't a selling point of the game right now. The last patch has an intriguing reference: I prefer more range for the active modules if they want guards to protect allied ships.
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  4. The guard modules havent changed much except the anomaly so what i was thinking is maybe buffing the signature masking to 3000m and the effect debuffing damage output of every enemy inside that bubble, also buffing the spectre field to 3000m and maybe (optional) buffing it's duration to 10 seconds. Let me know how this can backfire more than tharga.
  5. may be the problem , players play it like as tank class but Guard nerver be really this , its more an off-tank designed to debuff enemy . many time on T3 , T4 , T5 game i've seen players with their gard on PvP without any modules to debuff , just regen shield and hull and repair kit .. so they're just easy kill for the other team .
  6. +1 . this patch having many non sens cool we can loot alien plate on mysterious contener , but for 5 days i loot only 2 alien plate , but with daily task and sending one destroyer each day i win abobe 12 alien plate and i have nothing to do .. what's the benefits to find the mysterious contener..? do some Maths. one week , a player can win - above 100 xenocrystral - above 80 alien plate to reach R15 with the Tha'gar , now how many times ..? it'll take more 6 month for a regular player if he does all task .Oo
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  8. I would kill for a rainbow weapon. And I mean legit rainbow. Not that silly holiday stuff.
  9. Ah, no I know ! He'll get permanent pulsar with 4k range that ALSO pull all ships torward him like gravi AND disable AB while having 200k tank and 1k5 hull/shield regen per second.
  10. Sure,they will really forget about it when the Ellydium destroyer will bust in to flip everything downside-up
  11. HAHAHA survival is staying because they forgot about it apparently lol
  12. Things are never that simple swifter, he will get a rainbow pulsar shooting unicorns and dealing kinetic damage whilst moving at 701m/s and tapdancing mid flight.
  13. Or Positron,on Mauler on Survival,seriously,remove that gamemode already.
  14. And then we'll get the Ellydium guard with the permanent Alien pulsar.
  15. Didn't they say they'll do it for all ships ? But I guess their priority right now is Ellydium
  16. I would like to train in customs frig-destro play if u want
  17. They have lots of neat functions, but unfortunately they currently get eaten for breakfast by enemy destroyers and have less neat functions and tank than destroyers in general. Nom nom nom Even the Reaper, which I have tried to fit as a destroyer-killer with pulling module etc is fcking useless against them.
  18. Quick question on the way things are moving; were the spec mod missions for standard ships a failure and the devs aren't going to do this for other ships? I really like Sword S new spec mod being able to heal and would like to see something for other ship types like ECM and gunship.
  19. Problem is that you always get the same reward, even when sometimes the effort is 5-10 times higher. It makes no sense at all. They should at least present 5 daily missions at once, then you can choose one. Each one that is harder, should also give you a bit more in resources, but not the same. I mean, logic!
  20. Well, they do have some neat functions defense wise....
  21. Bug report: All Beacons in Open Space have this bug. This issue should be fixed! Logs: (only check Open Space missions) 2017.01.20 Screenshot: Video:
  22. I simply adore the double shot on gauss
  23. Well, thats a new one...
  24. My first attempt in video editing (be kind you m...ns <3).
  25. buy gold when 40% discount and buy xenocrystals when 40% discount, and I bought steam card when it's on about 10% discount as well, not to mention my card have 5% cash back. With $100 I'm able to buy close to 90000 GS worth of xenocrystals.
  26. Nice place for holidays
  27. THIS ^^ Statistical theory relies on a sample being large, and how large depends on the skewness in the population we are trying to measure. Sometimes, one can find a proxy and measure this variable’s skewness to obtain an idea of the magnitude of the problem. Often, though, one can obtain a measure of skewness only from taking a sample – either a smaller sample taken before the main sample is collected, or through review of the main sample itself.
  28. So in conclusion: the only good thing about guards is their missile shield.
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